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Extreme characters implant rich entertainment in 'Criminal'
Published in 15-4-2016
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How that opening scene turns out is best left to be discovered, though to say what the rest of the movie is about might give a slight hint: "Criminal" deals with an attempt to thwart a terrorist ring by implanting, into the head of an experimental subject, the thoughts and memories of a dead CIA agent. Only the CIA agent knew where to locate a computer whiz, known as the Dutchman (Michael Pitt), who has hacked the American nuclear codes and is about to hand them over to a German terrorist group that thinks it would be a neat idea to blow up all the world's capitals and start all over. Apparently, a scientist (Tommy Lee Jones) has developed a way to implant the memories of a corpse into another person's mind, but only if the receiver has a rare condition called "frontal lobe disease," which Jericho has. The casting of Costner as a stone-cold violent wacko might seem odd at first, but Costner is big enough to be scary, and he can do dead-eyed menace. [...] he is the ideal actor for playing the awakening of a moral nature, the first stirrings of a conscience.
Reference: www.chron.com