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'Bourne' franchise gets surveillance-state update
Published in 29-7-2016
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The film, penned by Greengrass and Christopher Rouse (editor of previous "Bourne" films and also this one), introduces a tech magnate (Riz Ahmed) whose celebrated social networking platform is secretly feeding information to CIA Director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones, whose wonderful sad face at this point has everything good and bad about America written all over it). [...] Bourne is himself a leak. Here again are scenes of digging through old CIA documents, breathless stretches of crowded escapes and public rendezvous where Bourne fools lurking agents. The film is essentially sandwiched between two mammoth, extended set pieces: first, a fiery riot in Athens where Bourne comes out of hiding to meet Parsons; and later, a showdown in Las Vegas that brings him back to U.S. soil. Both outstay their welcome (a vehicle plowing through traffic in Vegas has unfortunate shades of the tragedy in Nice), and the franchise's propulsion gives way to a pummeling blunt force.
Reference: www.chron.com