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'Don't Think Twice' explores the trials of improv
Published in 19-8-2016
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When people look back at the movies and television shows and podcasts and web series of today to see what 20- and 30-somethings were doing in 2016, they would not be misguided in assuming that everyone was in improv. "Don't Think Twice" mercifully tries to do something different, even if it starts out feeling oh-so-familiar, by looking at what happens when one member of a close-knit improv group gets a big break as a cast member on a "Saturday Night Live"-like show. Not only is the group fractured and the improv theater closing, buckling under exorbitant New York rents, but his sudden success inspires a crisis of conscience in everyone as they all wonder if maybe they should have spent less time looking out for the troupe and more time devoted to their own craft. [...] life is lonely for Jack, who continues to try to do right by his friends with often disastrous results as he navigates the precarious world of newfound fame.
Reference: www.chron.com