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De Niro, Ramirez pack punch in hard-hitting 'Hands of Stone'
Published in 26-8-2016
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"Hands of Stone" is a sprawling, yet fairly conventional biopic about Panamanian boxing champion Roberto Duran - a man the Associated Press once declared the seventh greatest fighter and No. 1 lightweight of the 20th century. The film follows the standard biopic beats in recounting his scrappy origins and his aggressive pursuit of Felicidad Iglesias (portrayed by the Cuban actress Ana de Armas) and the quick, and humorous, expansion of their family. With this entire story to work with, it is a little confusing as to why Jakubowicz packs in so much about Arcel as well - from his weird beef with the mob to his relationship with his wife (Ellen Barkin) and the secret daughter he's hidden from her. De Niro takes on the air of a kindly father figure - one who doesn't yell and berate from the corner of the ring, but instead gently combs Duran's dripping wet hair in between rounds.
Reference: www.chron.com