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Quirky 'The Hollars' pulls up lame
Published in 9-9-2016
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Krasinski, best known for American TV series "The Office" and who recently starred in Michael Bay's Benghazi thriller "13 Hours," is John Hollar, a comic-book artist in New York who hasn't checked in with his Ohio brood for so long that when a family emergency arises, his father calls John's pregnant girlfriend, Rebecca (Anna Kendrick), instead. With the news of his mother's brain tumor, John travels back to small-town Ohio, where father Don Hollar (Richard Jenkins) runs a failing heating and plumbing business and has just fired his other son, Ron Hollar (Sharlto Copley), who lives in his parents' basement after the demise of his marriage. [...] sometimes it seems downright bland.
Reference: www.chron.com