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'American Honey' focuses on broken children adrift in a broken land
Published in 14-10-2016
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"American Honey" opens in a dumpster, where a dreadlocked teenager named Star digs up a prize - a raw chicken still in its bloody shrink wrap. The gist of "American Honey" is Star's experience as part of a floating team of con artists, young people who travel in a van from town to town - the film takes them from Oklahoma to North Dakota, the America of Kmarts and strip malls - hustling magazine subscriptions door to door. The rest of the crew (acted by non-professionals) is a remarkable assortment of runaways, troublemakers and disturbed young people, connoisseurs of hip-hop who stoke themselves for the long van rides with booze, pot, hard-edged banter and occasional fisticuffs. Arnold's strength is in immersing us in the lives of these orphans - they are a parent's nightmare, but they have a kind of disheveled dignity that's impossible to deny, and their bravado is a cover for desperate needs.
Reference: www.chron.com