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Christopher Guest's 'Mascots' lacks much-needed cheer
Published in 14-10-2016
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"Mascots," which premiered on Netflix Thursday, relies on the same formula that gave us deadpan looks at life behind the scenes at folk music bands, community theater productions and dog shows but lacks the spark of Guest's previous films. In the film, the lovable weirdos under the microscope are a motley group of sad, delusional losers who arrive at the World Mascot Association Awards in hopes of winning the top prize, the Gold Fluffy. There's a bickering couple (Zach Woods and Sarah Baker); a nerdish sweetheart of a guy who always sees the glass as half-full (Christopher Moynihan); an Englishman (Tom Bennett) who is carrying on a family tradition; a devoted modern dancer (Parker Posey) who performs as an armadillo; and the bad-boy of mascoting (Chris O'Dowd).
Reference: www.chron.com