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Shirley MacLaine is angelic in 'Heavenly' Hallmark movie
Published in 25-11-2016
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Shirley MacLaine is angelic in 'Heavenly' Hallmark TV movie Shirley MacLaine is direct, funny and down-to-earth no matter how high-flying the topic may be - including the guardian angels and aliens she accepts as givens. In a recent interview, there's also no hint of the diva she easily could be, given her stardom of six decades and counting; five lead-actress Academy Award nominations; and an Oscar for what she cites as her favorite role, Aurora, in 1983's "Terms of Endearment." MacLaine plays an angel in "A Heavenly Christmas," a Hallmark Hall of Fame TV movie airing at 7 p.m. Saturday on the Hallmark Channel. In a big-screen film set for release next spring, "The Last Word" with Amanda Seyfried, she plays a strong-willed woman intent on crafting her own obituary. In a phone interview MacLaine, 82, said she's healthy, active and a devoted traveler. Are you kidding? I believe in UFOs, I believe in extraterrestrials, and I believe in angels. Do you follow any organized religion? Organized understanding of differences, which is really giving me problems now. [...] they paid me a lot of celestial money, so what the hell. [...] people company? [...] I travel, (most recently) to Virginia, where I was honored at the University of Virginia and did two-and-a-half hours onstage answering questions from students. …
Reference: www.chron.com