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Mexico plans to catch, protect last few vaquita porpoises
Published in 16-12-2016
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MEXICO CITY (AP) So few of Mexico's vaquita porpoises remain that the international committee to protect the endangered species is preparing to catch and enclose as many as it can in a last-ditch effort to save them from extinction, experts said Thursday. According to rough estimates, only about three dozen of the world's smallest porpoise remain in the upper Gulf of California, the only place it lives. Besides threatening the few remaining vaquitas, capture "will divert the efforts needed to save this porpoise, ensure long-term sustainable livelihoods to local fishermen and their families, and conserve the unique Upper Gulf ecosystem." The capture program is also a sort of admission of defeat for Mexico's efforts to save the vaquita in its natural habit, which included banning gillnets and compensating fishermen in much of the upper gulf. The World Wildlife Fund, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the Mexican government and other allied groups announced Thursday that on recent patrols they found and removed 28 active totoaba nets and removed dozens of other abandoned "ghost" nets that keep catching and killing fish and other marine life.
Reference: www.chron.com