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'A Fantastic Woman' is fantastic
Published in 28-2-2018
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The title of the impressive Chilean film "A Fantastic Woman," an Oscar nominee in the foreign-language category, refers to the main character, Marina Vidal, a young trans woman who refuses to stay silent in the face of relentless attacks from her lover's disgusted ex-wife and family. But it also could be applied to Daniela Vega, the young trans actress who inhabits Marina's story with a stunning sense of self-assuredness and strength that belies her rather scant résumé. Marina's story begins happily enough. She's a waitress and a singer involved in a relationship with the much older, well-off Orlando (Francisco Reyes, "Neruda"), a man who has seemingly had much success in life and is now ready to find something resembling true happiness.
Reference: www.chron.com